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When Corona emerged, trend forecaster The Lady in Blu realised life has never changed as fast as it does now, and the consequences will be huge. Life will no longer be the same, there will always be "The World Before" and 'The World After" Corona.

The Lady in Blu, foreseeing the consequences and opportunities of the world after, felt inspired to share her vision on the changes facing us. 

​From the Greenhouse, The Lady in Blu reports twice a week about the the changes, trends to come and the opportunities of 'The World After'. Themes she is talking about are New Time Concepts, Contradictions, Stubborn Consumers, Dead Stock Solutions, Equality, Mood Dressing and a variety of other subjects that symbolize both the quick and slow changes we are facing. 

The Lady in Blu

The Greenhouse 

The Greenhouse was an abandoned structure that The Lady in Blu found on one of the first days of the quarantine. 

She realized it would make a great studio to work in, and in just 24 hours she transformed it into a quarantine studio, using only available materials and furniture.

Since the lockdown ended, it now serves as a hub for her online office.

Our team manages to work exclusively online, loving every minute of it. We share everything online and create our digital content together. 

We all have more time for our private life, nature, reflection, and we realise more than ever what is really important in our lives. 


After the lockdown has ended, we produce video and photographic content for 'The World After' using the renewed joy of being together in real life. 

Ivy (klimop); the symbol of The World After


​Taking a look at our surroundings during the lockdown, we found a lot of ivy at The Greenhouse. We have grown to love and appreciate it. Making the best of the available things, even if they are limited, is a typical Corona solution.


‘Klimop’ in Dutch means climb up. How fitting for The World After. It also grows quickly, and is always green, even throughout the winter. The symbolic and mythological meaning of Ivy gave us goosebumps:


In mythology, ivy imparts divine powers, primarily those of clairvoyance and prophecy, to mankind.


Ivy is a symbol of fidelity (attachment) and eternal life (always remains green). Since ancient times, the ivy as an evergreen plant has been the symbol of eternal life.


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