What data can’t tell you about the future.

'The World After' is a forecasting platform with 250 future Reports since march 2020. 

Each week the platform  is updated with two new future reports with insights into the future



MEMBERSHIP Forecasting platform 'The World After'

Price: € 1500,- / 6 month


Access to the platform

250  Future Reports published since March 2020

Two Future Reports per week 

What, why and directions how to play into it.

From 3 months to 7 years ahead.



'THE WORLD AFTER’ translates the future into product, marketing and business concepts, new markets, and new investment areas.


For all markets


The World After is there for every line of business, from general businesses to fashion and cosmetics, from real estate to food and from services to fragrances. Is this possible? Yes of course! Because all markets are interconnected. Most businesses are fairly up-to-date to what’s happening in their branche. The consequence of this is that many just follow their own market and market leaders. There is more than copying! Innovating your business to create new concepts, products, services, and strategies means you can stand out and truly be innovative within your branche. The World After thinks multidisciplinary, and so should you! No market stands alone, learn from other markets, find inspiration in their way of doing things, and utilize them effectively using the advice of The World After. 


The Reports are stored in categories general, sustainability, digital space, fashion, cosmetics, living and food in the physical world and  the wearables in the metaverse. Powered by Trend Forecaster The Lady in Blu