The Lady in Blu 


Trend forecaster The Lady in Blu shows companies where the money can be found in the future. What concepts and products will hit the market in the future?

The lady in Blu is thé authority figure when it comes to envisioning the light of the future:

  • Cracks today's status quo

  • Reveals what others haven't yet seen

  • Product, service and marketing concept developer

  • Empowers companies by thinking in opportunities

  • A positive, business-oriented, visual, analytic and spiritual mindset

The World After: the big bang of corona has changed the world, it will never be the same. A new decade on the timeline, a different DNA.


THE FUTURE of 'The World After'


Future Reports for the elite of the fashion and cosmetics business on a weekly basis.


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The evolution of the future:

Trends are developments that start small, and become bigger until they are the norm. Every phase in a trend's development gives us opportunities to change our company for the better. In 'The World After' the Lady in Blu will discuss the developments that are happening in society, and what changes this will bring for fashion and cosmetics. She explores investment opportunities, new market developments, and new product concepts that are given life by the changes of our world.


- For the game changers in fashion, accessory, colour & care cosmetics, and fragrances. 

- For the CEO, Creative Director, and Head of Marketing; those who determine the future of a company. 

- Forecasting the future: from 3 months to 7 years


Price: € 750.00* for 6 months. 

- Two Future Reports per week by the Lady in Blu.

- Online access to 150 Future Reports made since March 2020.

*For the Netherlands excl BTW Tax will be invoiced afterwards

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Podcast by The Lady in Blu  


The Lady in Blu gives her vision on the future about different topics and shows how society is rapidly changing. Through her expertise and understanding of the future she shows what strategy to take in order to be profitable in the new world. The positive, spiritual, and business-oriented mindset of The Lady in Blu helps to envision the light of the future. She gives companies the strength to prepare for the future in a creative and strategic way. What concepts and products will hit the market in the future? Tune into the podcast - every other week, available in English and Dutch.

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