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One-on-One sessions

Reaching your full business potential in the future does not always require complex and costly innovation processes. It can be a twist on what already exists, such as finding new target groups, new markets, new applications, a shift in the marketing approach an aesthetic innovation, or even a little shift in your company's identity.


The key is to understand the DNA of the future and the behavior of your future clients as a consequence. What opportunities does a changing society offer for your company to flourish in the future? What are the potential dangers you need to anticipate in order to remain competitive?

Opportunities in one heartbeat over dinner

One-on-one sessions with the Lady in Blu are inspiring open discussions that take place in a relaxed dinner setting.They foster an open dialogue about the future and the leading developments.The Lady in Blu has a unique talent for quickly identifying potential opportunities and  business concepts that arise from the evolving culture of society. That's what she does for you, in one heartbeat over dinner. Be inspired by her insights and uncover the treasures  that lie ahead.

Future-oriented mindset

One on one sessions provide you with a future-oriented mindset and the opportunity to evaluate and align your strategies and development processes with the changing times. It is a highly sought after ritual for many game-changers, providing enlightenment and positivity through insights into the future and its opportunities. It provides a spark to business life, promoting openness and understanding towards the future. An inspiring positive outlook. It encourages growth by a twist.

Embrace a new perspective and align with the society of the future. 


Annually, game-changing entrepreneurs, business leaders, board members, concept developers, designers, marketers, digital strategists, researchers as well as those responsible for R&D, HR, and finance functions engage in a conversation with a trend forecaster. This is a valuable empowering ritual to gain a clear understanding of the future you are striving towards. ​

  • Be informed about the latest developments and assess their potential impact on your business

  • What are the essential adaptations that can secure the future of your company?

  • Evaluate your current strategies and ideas to determine if they are aligned with future demands and requirements.

  • Adopt a forward-thinking mindset and focus on your long-term goals.

  • Invest in your personal and professional development to remain relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

  • Seek inspiration from the future and its opportunities for your business.

  • Be inspired by The Lady in Blu she provides a broader perspective and new ideas for future growth and success

One-on-One Dinner Session

An enlightening open discussion with The Lady in Blu in a dinner setting gives insights into future developments and unlocks hidden treasures, which represent future opportunities. It promotes openness towards the future and a proactive approach towards the opportunities it presents for your company. "Change by a twist" The session is an inspiring conversation and a positive outlook that encourages making your company future-proof. For many game changers, this session became an enlightening annual ritual.

Three One-on-One Sessions

Session one: Your world, your business.

A relaxed conversation about your company identity and history. What’s going on? Plans, problems, wishes. Location preferably at your company.

Session two - The Future 

The Lady in Blu reveals developments that will define the culture of the future. How will global and local developments effect human behaviour and where will they lead to? What as a are consequence are the evolving preferences, needs, desires, and wishes of people in the future and what have they outgrown? Why? Evening dinner setting.

Session three - Your future & Your opportunities

What are your business opportunities for the future? The lady in Blu aligns your business with the future and its opportunities. Evening dinner setting.

Duration: within 6 weeks. No paperwork.


One-on-One sessions can be adapted to the customer's needs and can lead to a longer trajectory, which may include  more numerous sessions based on an hourly rate.

Follow-up sessions are based on a hourly rate 

One-on-One sessions can be adapted to the customer's needs and can lead to a longer trajectory, which may include  more numerous sessions based on an hourly rate. Follow-up sessions are based on a hourly rate.

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