On-line internship


You will join a strong on-line team 

As ‘The World After’ started during lock-down our working method is on-line and the whole team loves it. We work together in a highly motivated team.  You will work closely together with The Lady in Blu who has the quality to empower the best qualities of each team member and so this work experience will empower you as a person and within your working field. 

Period: 3 - 4 month

Days: 2, 3 or 4 days / week

Level / Age: As long as you have as well working power as well an open yet realistic vision of your working field you can be an excellent addition to our young growing organisation.

Internship web developer


Development of "the machine" behind 

Optimisationt website

Optimisation Mailchimp

On line traffic generator (SEO's etcetera)

Technical scales:

Wix, Mailchimp, Ceo’s

Internship visual content creator


Development Visuals and Video’s

Technical scales:

Inn-Design, Adobe Premier (Rush),

Further scales:Visual research, feeling for aesthetics  and the future.


Internship marketing-sales



Generating  online traffic & sales (business to business).

Your in-put can be in the field of direct sales and / or on-line sales.


Understanding of the publishing industry and  online subscription sales;  

A sales mentality.

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