The World After

The World After is thé forecasting platform by The Lady in Blu. The World After shows companies where the money can be found in the future. 

Where is the money, what is the spirit of the future, which saplings will grow into tall trees. The future turns today into history. Interpreting the changing world of business leads you to where future business is found. 

The Lady in Blu explains her vision on how The World After Corona will work and how to find business opportunities in our future society. She helps you discover a path towards a flourishing organisation.  The Lady in Blu shows you where the money can be found in The World After.  

The future will determine the success of your company. The Lady in Blu guides your business onto the right path, and shows you how to interpret what the future holds by yourself. A new future has begun when the big bang of corona came upon us. Understand the new future, which markets emerge or merge together, what product opportunities it holds, and apply them to your business to keep rolling into the new world. From now on, there will always be a World Before and a World After, where new trends emerge rapidly. The status quo of The World Before is history now. 



Are you ready to tap into the future?



A new Future Trend Report once per week, where we address a new trend to come and its opportunities. Every Report is a clear explanation of the future and comes with beautiful visuals, a video feature, sent directly to your mail and always accessible online for members only on 

  • ​A personal video by  The Lady in Blu who explains the future trend 

  • Matching opportunities; product and marketing concepts 

  • Opportunities in new markets that have emerged or will emerge 

  • Visuals that illustrate the future trend 

  • A written article for a deeper insight into the future trend 

​A weekly SIGNAL 

A new Signal once per week to notify you of important changes in the world that will influence new trends and

new directions of where the world is heading. 


'Now reveals the future'. 

Signals train you to spot relevant changes that indicate the future for your branche. Signals are visual articles explained further in a short article that will be sent directly to your team by mail and are always accessible for members only on


​FULL ACCESS to all Reports & Signals on that were published since Corona 

​Full access to our online platform, where you can view all Future Trend Reports & Signals that have been published weekly since March 2020. 

All Reports & Signals are organized per category, general, fashion, cosmetics, living, food and sustainable. 


‘The World After’ empowers and motivates companies to explore the future and develop accordingly. Innovate in new business strategies and marketing campaigns. The World After shows companies where the money can be found in the future. 

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The World After launched in March 2020 


‘The World After’ launched in March 2020 after The Lady in Blu realised the world as we knew it would never go back to normal and future trends change faster than ever. This trend forecasting platform focuses on societal changes, consequences of changes that result in future trends, and new opportunities for businesses that match the new world. The Lady in Blu gives her positive vision on the future through this platform, and shows businesses what route to take to become profitable in The World After corona.  


Are you ready to tap into the future?