One-on-one sessions are there for strategists, business leaders, and developers. When you have an idea for the future, or when you create something new in any shape, the future should always be your priority. The future you are building towards. What are the leading themes of the future? How are important themes like sustainability and inclusion going to develop further? 


With a one-on-one session, the future will become an integral part of the way you think. Only then can you start making your strategies, products, and concepts for the future. 

Get an idea of the future you are building towards. 

One-on-one sessionare an open discussion, an inspiring evening. An open discussion about the future, the leading themes, and the consequences of these for your business. Often these one-on-one sessions result in concepts and business strategies that can be applied to give a clear direction for an existing business to travel in. 

One-on-one sessions: Practicle 

Session 1 - Meeting

Your world, your business.

A relaxed conversation about your identity and history.

What’s going on? Plans, problems, wishes

Location preferably at your company

Session 2 - The Future / The World / Inspiration

A clear image of the future.

Learn how to see and utilize the future.

Location of your choice in Amsterdam (dinner session)

For: Developers, strategists, management teams, designers, IT developers.

Session 3 - Your future & opportunities

Where are your opportunities for the future?

Match your business to the future and its opportunities.

Location of your choice in Amsterdam (dinner session)


Duration: within 6 weeks

No paperwork



The content of session 2 & 3 can be adapted to the customer's needs

Possibility of follow-up sessions based on hourly rate