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Het Parool

Het Parool Newspaper - werken magazine

2020 - 12 - 24

‘Christmas is on the streets this year, and so is the glamour’

‘Dit jaar ligt de kerst en zo ook de glamour, op straat’

‘Christmas is on the streets this year, and so is the glamour’

How would you describe your style?

Glamorous. I dress like a fairy tale. Positive energy and vintage. Styling is key - it’s not just about the individual items you wear, but their cohesion as a complete outfit. Accessories are very important for that cohesion.

What are you wearing?

Almost all of it is vintage, except for fishnet stockings from H&M, and Linda Farrow sunglasses. The fur coat with fox heads on its sleeves, the boots, the pants, and the glittered top are all items I bought at the Noordermarkt (Amsterdam). The muff was purchased at ‘Episode’, and the gloves are Laimböck.

Fur is often perceived as quite a controversial material nowadays.

The fashion industry is polluter number one. Sustainable clothing is slowly sinking in, but that still means a lot of unnecessary production. The real solution is to consume less goods and re-use what we have. This means anything but the end of fashion, however. Clothing becomes a visual expression, the silver lining of life. Fashion has nothing to do with shopping for brand new items. My motto is: reuse, restyle, repeat, retouch and repair: relove fashion. We have to respect all clothing, second hand Zara but also fur. We killed an animal to make it, let’s make sure it didn’t die just to be thrown away. Wear it with respect and definitely not just toss it in the bin.

What will you wear this rather special Christmas?

I’m going to dress up just as spritely and festively as other years. This Christmas will be much more public; during corona the Christmas glamour is found on the streets. Restaurants are closed and visiting friends and family is tough, but we can still enjoy each other. The Christmas lights, and the festive atmosphere can all be found outside.

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