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Report 042 / 2020-12-15

Empowerment in business will be key for the coming years.

It will express itself on multiple levels.

In Team empowerment, product empowerment and press empowerment.

Team Empowerment

A positive and synergized team is key in negative times. To excel when times are tough we must focus more on a good team spirit rather than individual performance.

The collective spirit of your team is what carries you through and guides your company to the future. An employee with a spirit that fits with your team and empowers the spirit of your team helps it move forward through negative times. Members that not only empowers themselves, but also the team’s collective spirit which influences the positive energy and creative progress.

It contradicts the mentality of The World Before where it was accepted to focus on self-interest when working for a company.

Finding a new employee for your company used to revolve around abilities and business qualities. Now and in the near future, we will start picking new people based on their ability to empower not only themselves but also the business and its team. It contradicts the self-centered mentality that was normal at companies in recent history.

Product Empowerment

Most product marketing was centered around the value and especially the value it emits to others around us. Customers will start looking towards products that empower them in some way. New products should focus on adding positive energy and empower the user’s mood and mind. Instead of focussing on the status it gives someone, we should focus on the effect a product has on the owner. We have to rethink marketing strategies to explain the empowerment behind products, and how they lift the spirit of the owner. The concept behind marketing switches from external value (how others see it) toward internal value (what it does for the customer).

Press Empowerment

The approach to news now and in the near future is empowerment; news with a positive energy. Instead of constantly talking down, people are searching for a light in the dark, or to listen to someone that can envision that light. We need to focus on the positivity in news and where it might lead us to opportunities and guide us in bad times. There is always something positive that leads us to a bright future.

The ‘new’ press, social media, youtube, podcasts and other platforms are tapping into this philosophy with success.

Traditional press is outclassed and losing it’s track by focusing completely on bad news. The attitude the traditional news outlets have is killing an already dying industry. Tone of voice and subjects covered are both highly negative with often no ability for a positive spin.

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