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10 Future Trends for 2022 | Part 01


Report 51 / 2021-12-21

1 A new decade on the timeline, a different DNA

The big bang of corona has changed the world, and it will never ever be the same. A new decade on the timeline, a different DNA. There will always be The World Before and The World After.

We are coming from a time of economic booms and upturns, materialism, and overconsumption. Too much of everything, and too little time. This decadence is the high point of culture, but it is followed by the decay which eventually makes way for a new culture to arise.

Corona was that decay that is ushering in a new era in our culture, or to put it in another way: The event that puts an end to our old culture. Corona has created the chaos that is shaking our cultural foundations.

We are now in the transition, the deep black pit. A period where the old decays away, the old system is crumbling. The new system is not clear yet, although there are signs. Many business leaders and politicians are trying to cling to the old while the society is forming a new culture that is not clear yet.

The leaders that are going to determine the future are growing up right now. They are growing up in a corona-oriented society. A society based on restrictions, broken promises, and obsolete theories. It’s a split society between vaccinated and unvaccinated, young and old, rich and poor. They grow up in a society where the leaders thought they knew what was best, but eventually no one knew anything.

From this new crazy reality they will create a new structure to society, one totally different from before, a new DNA of the new decade.

2 Digitalization

Corona has quite obviously accelerated the digital world like crazy. Our society has completely integrated digital processes into it, at times making school or work completely digital. Almost all processes and actions were digitized during the pandemic, from shopping to booking an appointment or using QR-codes. This process is continuously accelerating and science-fiction seems to become reality at a rapid pace.

Two developments in digitaliation are important in the business world, and it’s important to separate them.


The digital substitute is where an offline product or service is replaced with online service or product.

Examples are the typewriter or Kodak who have lost their entire business to the digital alternative. Taxi companies are taken over by Uber, and live meetings have turned into online meetings. It’s a switch from material to immaterial.

Going with the flow is essential for businesses to grow their company within these digital substitute developments. Not adapting properly means your business could crash. It’s key to monitor any possible future developments in this field to make sure you can be a part of it before it’s too late.

Switching between substitute and regular is part of our corona oriented society. Live meetings get replaced with online meetings and back. Going out for dinner or ordering take-away. This category asks for flexibility in companies that constantly have to review and adapt. Some markets might be completely taken over by a digital substitute, but in most cases switching is required.

Parallel World

The parallel world is where online coexists next to offline reality. It’s a surplus, an extra addition to the pre-existing real life constructs.

An example is digital fashion where dressing of ourselves or an avatar exists fully online separate of our offline constructs. Just because we are digitally dressed does not mean we suddenly undress ourselves in the material world. It’s a digital opportunity that exists next to reality.

It’s an extra opportunity to incorporate into your existing business or to start a business centered around this concept. You are supplying a substitute so you are not competing with your pre-existing business that is based on material, real life items. Because it is a substitute, you could even completely ignore it.

3 Renewed interest in nature

Our connection to nature is something that’s indescribable. It runs through everyone’s veins, but before corona we had lost the connection to nature somewhat. Life was focussed on urban development where we mostly eradicated ‘nature’. In lockdowns we turned to nature as it was the only place to go.

We can see the consequences of this renewed interest in nature in almost everything, from food to design, from fashion to architecture. The renewed interest in nature accelerates sustainability trends and spirituality, the connection to nature and the universe.

Every business has to look at possible connections to nature in order to develop and explore your business opportunity properly. For example, architects could incorporate nature into their standard services.

4 Sustainability

It is inevitable that the minimum requirement for production will be a sustainable method. Those who do not join in on sustainability are going to be out of business in the future. We can see it as drink-driving, totally unacceptable but it used to be different back in the day. A pollution production process will become totally unacceptable in the future.

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5 The thing that will not change

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, back to spring again. The leaves come and go, and flowers blossom in the spring. The sun will come up every morning and go down every evening. Happiness still comes from love. Humans stay human even in tough and tumultuous times. We have gone through an industrial revolution, and are going through a digital revolution now. Somehow, somewhere deep down somehow nothing changes.

Humans are here from birth until death on earth. The big questions like what happens after death stay unanswered. The human being full of love and emotion stays human. Certain aspects will be loved regardless of how corona has changed the world.

The things that will not change is one of the most important things we should not lose track of in a time when everything seems to be changing. The most basic of things do not change and will in fact be appreciated more than before.

It’s important for every business to establish which things will not change.

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1 A new decade on the timeline, a different DNA

3 Renewed interest in nature

4 Sustainability

5 The thing that will not change

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