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2021 - 05 - 21

"Trend forecaster Antoinette van den Berg aka, The Lady in Blu, started a podcast. She discussed various topics in order to explain to businesses how to be profitable in the future. With the "Lady in Blu" podcast, Antoinette is sharing her long experience of being a trend forecaster with multiple companies and business owners, so they can use her knowledge and vision to let their business flourish."

By spreading more positivity The Lady in Blu is encouraging companies to develop new product- and business concepts, that will hit the market.

The Lady in Blu uses future trends to give companies a perspective of the future, so they can create new product concepts and business strategies. Ever since March 2020 she has been sharing her vision of the future with members of her forecasting platform 'The World After'. Wanting to share her vision with a wider audience, The lady in Blu started a podcast as an extra platform to share her vision.

Baaz is a dutch magazine and an online platform, which provides entrepreneurs, managers and business owners with useful solutions to tackle the challenges they are facing. These solutions often come with real life experiences, pitches or a vision form a colleague-entrepreneur.



New episodes every 2 weeks.

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