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Future Report 010


General, fashion, food.

Fear is one of the leading negative energies in society at the moment. It is seen as a low vibrating energy.

Anxiety is a big issue with the younger generation. A generation that has grown up with the pressure to succeed. Ever since their first day at school they have been pressured and pushed to succeed in school and in life. At the same time, the rise of social media gave an immense social pressure and fear of missing out. Fear of not being beautiful enough. Anxiety and panic attacks is something we see a lot in the younger generation.

Of course Covid has been spreading fear for the last two years too. In all age categories, whether you were scared of the virus as someone of age, or scared of the impact of covid measures as a young person. There has also been a big fear for division between vaxxed and unvaxxed.

Recently more fears are coming up, the fear of nukes and fear of war as Russia invaded Ukraine.

Fear is an emotion that is all around us. It’s a low vibration energy that is harmful to our wellbeing. It can result in depression and sleep problems. Fear is a difficult emotion, and quite harmful to our wellbeing. This means learning how to deal with emotions of fear will be important in the future. Companies have to look at these fears externally and internally, with the products we make and services we provide in mind.

Consequences for companies:


A company is nothing without its employees. A healthy and well functioning team is key. Every team has to function well together, but also individually. We need our teams to have high and positive energy. Keep an eye on your staff and help them when needed. Now is the time to give employees the opportunity to improve their mental health. Offer training for mental health or anxiety, or therapy sessions to your workforce. Train people to deal with and overcome fear. Offer different types of training to match with different types of people.



Focus on products and services that combat fear. Essential oils, or any product that flows forward from that concept. Offer products that help with a good night’s sleep. Think in a broad sense, like a collaboration between cosmetics and meditation apps.


Soft materials and big shapes. Comfortable, safe, and warm. Protection of your personal space.

For winter: Soft shapes and fabric will continue to grow in popularity. Focus on soft materials and round shapes.

For summer: The Kaftan, for men and women. As previously forecasted, the Kaftan will be big.


The existing focus on a healthy and strong body will grow even more as we start realising physical health is tied to mental health. A healthy body is the first step to overcoming fear.

Healthy food will grow further. It becomes a general wish for the entire population.

Image Credits @rafsimons

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