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Future Report 010

'The World After' Bi-weekly Future Reports 2022-03-08

General, fashion, food.

Fear is one of the leading negative energies in society at the moment. It is seen as a low vibration energy.

Anxiety is a big issue in our younger generations. Of course Covid has been spreading fear for the last two years, not just the virus but its repercussions too. More fear has come up recently as Russia invaded Ukraine, fear of nukes, fear of war, fear of World War III.

Companies have to look at these fears externally and internally, with the products we make and the services we provide in mind. What are the results and opportunities for the fashion, cosmetics, and food industry? What will a future where fear is the leading emotion look like?

Discover your opportunities for the future: Products, marketing, services, and investments. Yearly or half yearly forecasts means you are hopelessly trying to catch up to yesterday’s facts. The world has changed since Corona, with new developments almost every week.

'The World After' brings you two Reports per week with concepts that align to the future.

  • Bi-Weekly Future Reports

  • Forecasting 3 months to 7 years into the future.

  • Future developments translated into opportunities for products, marketing, services, and investments.

  • For the elite of the fashion, cosmetics, living, and food industry.

  • Concepts by the Lady in Blu


245 € per month

Cancel whenever you want. Renews automatically.

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