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Future Trend Report 09 / 2021-03-02

Instead of selling a singular finished product, a set of products can be offered to the consumer. With a set you can sell the complete atmosphere of your brand. Sell different parts of your core business as a set, and go beyond with extra added value such as adding a music playlist to takeaway food, or perfume to a set of clothes. Selling sets means being able to sell dead stock, making profit in a sustainable way.

The consumer of today has become a lot more independent. Selling a set will inspire and promote their independence while giving consumers a helping hand at the same time. You create an atmosphere that a consumer can put together.

Turn takeaway into make-away; fresh products you can use to make and cook your own restaurant quality meal at home.

For fashion, create sets in certain styles for consumers to buy in one go.

Add value by supplying other things that aren’t necessarily your core business but contribute to the overall feeling; music playlists with food; limited perfumes with a set of clothes, made especially for a set such as winter or summer sets.

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