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About The Greenhouse

A studio built for quarantine, fit for anything

The Greenhouse was an abandoned structure that The Lady in Blu found on one of the first days of the quarantine. She realized it would make a great studio to work in.

In 24 hours she transformed it into a quarantine studio, without buying anything new. The Greenhouse is a typical Corona Solution, making the best out of the limited possibilities. It is now used as a hub for her online office.

The Greenhouse is the studio of The Lady in Blu, and it's a lovely, lovely, lovely place. The beauty of it is that it's a typical corona solution. The Lady in Blu was in quarantine and woke up early in the morning. It was quiet. There was nothing but time, and very little to do. On a walk in the garden, she saw the greenhouse that she had seen many times before. It was full of broken glass, and not much else. Old and unwanted. But she saw its potential: it could become a great studio. She asked the owners if she could use it as a studio from which to report on the changing world, and they agreed. They cleaned the greenhouse, installed a wood stove that they found in the attic, and connected it to the electricity and internet from the main house.

It took just 24 hours, and nothing new was needed. And it is now the best studio she has ever had. Light is always abundant. It's in the middle of nature. Grapes and ivy are growing inside. There are cats and birds. The Greenhouse is a typical corona solution: see what possibilities you have and turn them into opportunities. It does not have to be complex or difficult - they even repaired some windows with textile glue. And it all works. ​ After the lockdown, The Greenhouse is used as a hub for her online office where she works with her team to create ‘The World After’ reports and signals. Whenever possible, the team uses the unique location for photo and video shoots.

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