Accepting Trends / Trend Resistance

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Report 28 / 2021-07-13

Accepting Trends

After many years of trend forecasting, I have noticed people can’t always accept how the future is going to be, because it does not fit their personal vision. They can become furious because my prediction of the future is different to their mentality and how they have aligned their business. It’s natural to be afraid to lose what you have, and be scared of the future, but acceptance is always the first step.

The future is the future. Every time period has its own DNA, and we only need to look at history to realize this. If the future does not adhere to our personal vision, or our company’s vision, we may feel powerless or try to change it, but this is impossible. The future is the outcome of how society’s DNA evolves.

The future is not an idea of a trend forecaster, either. It’s simply spotted as something that will happen. It’s not a creation or a reflection of personal wishes. The future goes beyond ourselves.