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Algemeen Dagblad

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2019 - 08 - 10

If we don't do this...The World will fall apart.

“The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, which is a very serious problem. Just look at climate change, we must do something about it. Nowadays, fashion is permanently linked to shopping for something new, but it’s just something that’s in our heads. There’s loads of other ways to enjoy fashion, which used to be very normal: Re-love fashion, positive alternatives for buying new clothes.

This is a jacket, quite formal, from Escada. They’re actually quite sought after as second hand items. It had moth damage all over, which means in our society it’s unwearable. This is of course ridiculous, so we made little etiquettes saying ‘repair fashion’ which we patched it with.

We also made shoulder patches for coats, like this one by Zara, to show something is repaired and reloved. We hope this will get a certain social status attached to it. It shows: the person wearing this didn’t consume any new items and helps the world in a creative way. If we don’t start doing this, we will continue damaging the earth.

You don’t always have to buy something to relove fashion. I had these Zara pants that I took to a tailor to shorten it. Combined with the top of an old bridal gown.

Being good for the environment will start giving us social status, that is what we’re promoting. We can make a big impact while also having loads of fun. We have to go back to normal and disconnect fashion with consumption.

Fashion is the silver lining of life, it’s a very joyful and fulfilling part of life. However, we have to disconnect it from pollution and consumption, that’s what we seek to do with Re-Love Fashion.”

The Lady in Blu is Founder of RE LOVE FASHION; RE LOVE Foundation

RE LOVE Foundation promotes and stimulates less consumption of new clothes with joyful alternatives for the consumption of new clothes.

Re-use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-Pair and Re-Peat Fashion

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