Bare Feet, for men and women- part II

Report 018, general - fashion - cosmetics - magazine

The Lockdown, a renewed interest in nature and more open air socialising resulted in a trend towards Bare Feet. The Black Lives Matter movement will push this trend even further. This tendence includes opportunities for the shoe (yes even the shoe industry), cosmetic, accessories and publishing industry. See also Bare Feet part I

All images are produced by team @TheLadyinBlu and models @rensottink and @laurareijling.

There are two series, digital and analog.

High resolution images are available on request, see contact

by The Lady in Blu @theladyinblu

by team The Lady in Blu @theladyinblu

by team The Lady in Blu @theladyinblu

models Rens Ottink @rensottink, Laura Reijling @laurareijling, Margriet Planting @margrietplanting & Ralph Nauta @ralphnauta

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