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Bedrijvenconsultant: Top 18 Business Podcasts


2021 - 05 - 18

‘’The Lady in Blu is a podcast on a professional level: finally, a podcast that gave us an impression as if we were listening to the radio. No meaningless talk, but finally something substantive.

This podcast gives you a high-level story based on news, trends and data revolving around the theme: the future. We are very impressed with this beautiful podcast. We also try to strive to this mindset.’’

Bedrijvenconsultant is an online marketing blog based in the Netherlands. They operate, write, think, dream and take action. Throughout a year, they inform and inspire 2 million readers. With their academic marketing background, they explain what will work out for them. They also provide lists with reliable sources, which can help out their readers who search for business related inspiration. Team the Lady in Blu is very happy to take the 10th place on their

’Top 18 Business-Podcasts: Essential for Entrepreneurs’’

This list is about what the best business-podcasts are, based in the Netherlands and what foreign business podcasts there are, to be a successful entrepreneur. In this overview, besides

The Lady in Blu Podcast, you can find more inspirational podcasts for entrepreneurs and managers. These recommendations are useful for experienced- and starting business owners.



New episodes every 2 weeks.

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