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Being part of change is no longer a choice

2022 - 07 - 28

Until recently development and trend forecasting stood for innovation, an innovation was a choice made by a company. Traditional companies didn’t necessarily have to innovate because they could rely on a loyal customer base. Sometimes a business was running good enough so taking risky innovative steps was seen as a bad move.

Future trends are an essential part of ANY business.

Trend forecasting now is all about adapting to survive in a rapidly changing society. A society where societal changes are about serious problems that have to be solved, like equality and climate change, the rise of the metaverse etcetera. Being part of this change is no longer a choice: Ignoring these changes can lead to your business being phased out completely.

Keep up with what’s going on by becoming a member of THE WORLD AFTER thé exclusive bi-weekly trend forecasting membership, for businesses.

Essential information to survive and thrive in future markets. Following developments is not a choice: It is a must. Ignoring Future Trends means your business risks not surviving.

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