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Blocks & Bars

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Report 033 / 2020-10-12

The increased push for sustainable products gives us more demand for a liquid-soap substitute. Going to or back to bars saves weight and volume when shipping and can save on plastic packaging too.

Bars stand out next to liquid varieties on the shelf. They make a great building platform for packaging and design. They are the most basic shape and tie into a clean and modern design philosophy. We can see examples in our traditional blocks and bars and Japanese packaging. A great marketing opportunity, especially combined with the increased aesthetic differentiation and a marketing concept that focuses on environmental issues and better working conditions.

Corona made us aware of the amount of times we wash our hands, and how much product we use to do so. Combine this with a push for sustainable productions and the results are clear. Soap backs are going to make a comeback in the cosmetic industry. This will coincide with a new movement towards shampoo and shower gel in bar-shape, which are already breaking into the market.

But the trend goes further than just cosmetic industries. Nowadays it’s logical for butter and chocolate to come in bars. With a push for sustainable production we can take this further. Many liquid products can be made to sell as a bar or block. Soup, for example, can be made into a block rather than a liquid bag or can. Rather than increasing the weight and volume at the factory, consumers can do it themselves at home. This will create a positive impact on the environment and will make sure your product stands out from the crowd. Be innovative and explore the opportunities within your product range and or new areas to discover close to your existing products

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