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Future Report 06



Society overall is getting older, with relatively more people at an old age. Being old becomes accepted and even considered cool when moving with the times.

A revival of fashion and fashion accessories related to old age is coming up. It’s an embracement of old age whereas before using fashion or accessories related to old age was something people were ashamed about. The cane is one of them.

This revival means certain items do away with their stereotypically old or bygone attitude, and can be seen as a love for simpler times or an embrace of old school luxury.

Canes are often seen as a product that radiates masculinity, albeit sometimes subconsciously. Feminine canes are an opportunity to contrast this and open up the market. Break the historic notion that a cane could only be for men. A great opportunity to break the gender barrier and be the first in the market.

Opportunities for the cane:

- Add canes to your collection and give it the DNA of your label

- Technology has improved massively and new ergonomic developments are waiting to be applied to old school items such as canes. Be the first!

- Canes for women

Merlene Dietrich

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