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2021 - 06 - 05

Casual High EndHigh end fashion and haute couture has long been a flourishing part of our culture, especially in recent years before corona. There was a lot of money to spend and a lot of red carpet events to attend, which means high end fashion and haute couture was a prominent part of social life and media attention. Social media pushed fashion even further, with celebrities often being tied directly to their fashion. The ability to present your outfit to millions of people around the world on social media was an incentive to promote as much as possible. It became a game of attention, where impractical clothing that sparked as much outrage and likes as possible became the norm.

The coronavirus pandemic instantly removed this part of our culture, as events shut down and we all sat at home. Spending our time at home or in nature means casual clothing, sneakers, and casual make-up; traditional evening wear was out of the question. No events means no fashion dedicated to them.

Life is slowly picking up again in most parts of the world, with small social events and meeting friends in a small setting possible again. Spring is in the air and people are delighted to finally meet again, connect with the unexpected, flirt, and do business. The hunger to celebrate fashion is back.

Logically, this would mean picking up where we left off in terms of fashion. However, as the coronavirus pandemic made such a big impact on everyone’s life, new fashion habits have emerged. Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, our fashion will be influenced by the pandemic. We will indirectly mimic fashion from the lockdown periods, which means casual fit clothing, comfortable shoes, and different make-up. We are now used to making compromises in outfits, as stores were closed and casual fashion cares less about precision. This directly coincides with events becoming more casual as well, like small settings and dinners outside.

With this change comes a new and exciting playing field for high end and haute couture fashion. A focus on daywear and casual fit fashion; casual high end. The perfect example would be the Spring 2021 collection of Emilio Pucci, that mixes their own identity with the identity of The World After as it directly incorporates casual wear typical of the coronavirus lockdowns into their new outfits.

This change in fashion will be seen in colour cosmetics as well. However, fashion is a finished product, but cosmetics are not, they are only finished once the user of cosmetics creates a look with it. It’s a tool to create something. Instead of creating new cosmetics to fit with the mood, the change will mostly present itself in advertising, brand image, and social media.

Create the correct setting to display glamorous yet casual make-up. Styling will make or break the correct vibe. A setting such as an outdoor lunch with social distancing can create the perfect picture that captures the the new fashion DNA; casual high end.

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