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Signal 025 / 2020-10-07

Industries fading away, merging together, or even battling it out will give us a whole new world to live in. We have to be ready to expand in new directions. Exploring beyond traditional borders and thinking patterns to expand into a new territory.

Follow our inspirational source @concepttalk on instagram for some great examples of new design thinking and possibilities.

Image Credits: @concepttalk @ChrisLabrooy

Image Credits: @concepttalk 'Sculpted Home', Lino Schenal and 'Oasis no. 7' Haus-Rucker-Co

image credits 01 @concepttalk 02 @concepttalk 03 @concepttalk 04 @somewheriwouldliketolive

Image Credits: 01 @concepttalk Autoweek 02 @concepttalk Diário de Rio 03 @concepttalk Minoru Takeyama 04 @concepttalk @surfbazaar