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Contemporary rats


Future Trend Report 07 / 2021-02-16

Society is forced into an uncomfortable position. As more and more people are feeling the negative impacts of corona, losing their income, social life, or education, they are going to fight for their rights. It’s becoming more and more like too many trapped rats who start eating each other to survive. Now is the period of the rats.

We’re in a transformative world, going from The World Before to The World After. Going from high speed stressful capitalism to a more balanced world. We will sell less products, but the products we sell will have more soul.

All of our social structures will be different, because everyone has changed. Even groups that traditionally got along got split by the debate of corona and politics. The social hierarchy has been shaken up by the ramifications of the economic crisis too.

The perspective of the world will change and the things that link us together may change. We have to think about where the new social structures are going to be. We are in a rebirth of society. Choose your new path instead of fighting with the rats to go ‘back to normal’. We’re heading towards new social structures.

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