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Controlling your own vintage

Signal 027 / 2020-10-21

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Gucci has announced a new cooperation with The RealReal, a high end vintage online retailer, which shows our 2016 predictions* are unfolding. It’s a vigorous solution to reduce the large amount of pollution of the fashion industry. The logical solution to embrace your own vintage and re-sell it professionally is now a reality.

The frequent question we have to address is how to make money without producing any new products. For industries that are used to produce endlessly, this is a difficult concept. The fact is that re-selling vintage clothes has become embraced by the high-end fashion industry and their followers. This will stimulate all labels to re- think about their own products that were sold years ago. The cooperation of GUCCI and The RealReal shows that addressing environmental issues and making money can go hand in hand.

Vintage versus new. Image Credits: Left Re-Used and Re-Touched Burberry collection of The Lady in Blu Right Burberry Spring Summer 2021

Luxury labels have made the first step, and high street labels will start following soon. Making your own vintage a part of your identity, and controlling the quality, aesthetic, and price of it will become a big part of the future. The next step in the cycle is re-pairing and re-touching the vintage items. Embrace your own vintage and start re- selling it both on- and offline. Re-loving products that were sold years ago is good for labels, consumers, and our environment.

This change will not just affect fashion, but will influence any market where vintage items can be redistributed reliably, such as interior design.

Branded Chanel vintage; RE LOVE Chanel. Concept @theladyinblu for RE LOVE Foundation

Vintage Joe Colombo Elda Chair.

For high end designer furniture labels: make your own vintage a part of your identity, so you can control the quality, aesthetics and price. The next step is re-pairing and re-touching your own designer vintage.

Branded Polo Ralph Lauren vintage; RE LOVE Polo Ralph Lauren. Concept @theladyinblu for RE LOVE Foundation

Note: our 2016 predictions* are unfolding