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Cool to Fix it

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Signal 021 / 2020-09-09

Image credits google #driftstiches

Limitations in shopping during coronavirus times not only made it harder for us to buy new products, it also gave us plenty of time to repair things. We finally had the time to learn how to repair something that may have been broken for years. Repairing something has not only become practical, it's now cool too.

The economical crises empowers this movement.

Image credits @relove.fashon by @TheLadyinBlu designed pad by @nynketynagel

Image credits 01 Lego wall repair by Jan Vormann 02 Bolland wall by Natalia Porter

Image credits 01 unknown 02 Bow bin by Cordula Kehrer

Image credits 01 @selettiworld 02 @naritabby

Image credits 01 Repairedthings 02 Repairedthings

Image credits 01 @kjerringrokk 02 @blyfrid 03 @fidgetmakes 04 @visible_creative_mending

Image credits google #driftstiches

Image credits @sauerkrautmissionary22 #visiblemending

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