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Signal 036 / 2020-12-22

Do you see anything strange?

Once you’re accustomed, there’s nothing weird to see.

In just a couple of years we will no longer understand why cosmetics for men was perceived as a weird thing towards the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century.

We are in the process of changing this view.

Cosmetics for men has long been a normality throughout many chapters in history. In recent history, it’s been fixated into us that cosmetics were a female-only commodity, not to mention the damaging judgement that men who use cosmetics are feminine or gay.

Once we realise that assigning cosmetics to be a female-only commodity is just a small part of our history, we can easily see how this view will change. Cosmetics for men will become a normality again. In a few years when you see this image, there will be nothing strange to see.

Image credits: @rodolfoloaiza posted by @themarcjacobs

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