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Cover Up

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Future Trend Report 17 / 2021-04-27

For over a year now we have had to deal with facemasks, and it has become a simple fact of life. Everyone’s face is covered, sometimes even with sunglasses, and we have all gotten used to this.

Where there was adversity towards face covering in ‘The World Before’, we can now see that face covering is a part of daily fashion.

This future trend is about face decoration, and stepping away from discrimination. It is influenced by multiple cultures. Please view the video for a more detailed history and explanation.

This future trend will of course highly influence fashion. Scarves in many styles and sizes will be a highly appreciated item for fashion labels. Fashion labels can begin to add scarves to their collections. For scarf labels it means booming business. See also Signal 017 coming out this week where we discuss Scarves For Men.

Using more facial covering means a big change for colour cosmetics since there are extra visual elements added in and around the face. This future trend is in a strong developmental phase right now, and it is important for the cosmetic industry to keep a close eye on it. We will keep you updated on the consequences of this future trend in our Reports.

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