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Fashion, Cosmetics Signal 43 / 2021 -10 - 28

Face coverings have become more and more prevalent in determining the image we see in the streets.

Image credits @miumiu

Not only due to corona face masks but a growing interest in non-western cultures due to growing middle eastern markets and Black Lives Matter. This is being picked up by high-end, namely rich middle eastern markets, and avant garde street fashion.

This results in a comeback in scarves, headwear, and scarves combined with headwear. We can even see cover up in a winter context in Miumiu’s winter collection.

Find a creative way to grow into this development. Are there opportunities for your company in fashion? And what effects does this trend have on cosmetics? Think for example of a foundation that does not stain the inside of masks, scarves, and headwear. Think of the future in combination with your core business.

Image Credits @voguearabia

Image Credits 1 @miumiu 2 @miumiu

Image credits:1 @thesatorialist 2 @thesatorialist

Image Credits 1 Naomi Campbell @runwaayy 2 @tinkaunakey in @maisonvalentino @festivaldecannes

Image Credits; 1 @ Voguemagazine 2 @thombrowne

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