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CV Creative Director

Shooting at The Greenhouse June 2020

Photoshoot #BareFeet for trend report of The World After

Styling and Creative Director @The lady in Blu

Model @Laura Reijling @Rens Ottink


RE LOVE FASHION in business

Concept, Fashion, and Styling by powered by @theladyinblu

Photography @thijswolzak

RE LOVE FASHION in Business Re-Use, Re-Touch, Re-Style, Re-Pair and Re-Peat Fashion.

The Lady’s from legt to right @sitasunar @laurareijling Mayk Stribos Marlies Dekkers @theladyinblu @margrietplanting @simonedh93 @mnqch @krisberry Hair: @biancavanzwieten

Touché Today

Concept, Fashion, Styling and 3D Printed Accessories by The Lady in Blu

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