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Dead stock Corona aprons

Signal 004, general - fashion - sustainable

Dead stock solution in the Corona crises.

Currently there is a lot more hospital waste. This is understandable, but not desirable to continue in 'the new normal' after the crisis. Next to this, institutions are facing shortages and challenges in securing delivery.

The Concepts

Two unsold shirts are stitched together and become a worn back wards Corona apron.

In this way we dont have to purchase plastic aprons, dead stock is being put to good use, and the much needed aprons can be delivered within a week.

1 dead stock item + 1 dead stock item = 1 non polluting item

The concept and design of this projec is created by RE LOVE Foundation powered by The Lady in Blu in cooperation with City of Amsterdam , Amsterdam Economic Board and Reade - revalidatie & reumatologie (a physical rehabilitation centre). The unsold stock shirts are gifted by SUIT SUPPLY and stitched together by Rio Kleding Reparatie.

Circular Corona aprons based on Dead Stock: unsold leftovers of the fashion industry. Two unsold shirts are stitched together, and worn backwards.

1 left over + 1 left over = 1 non polluting item

Picture credits @TheLadyinBlu

See publication: Amsterdam Economic Board

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