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Report 032 / 2020-10-05

Corona is a catalyser and a detox in times where the economic-snowball stopped rolling and started melting.

Corona is a catalyser and a detox in times where the economic-snowball stopped rolling, and started melting.

It’s been a while since the corona virus has hit, and in this time we are all starting to realise it works as a detox. We had time to reflect on the state of The World Before, and our actions in it. We had time to reflect on the way we lived ourselves, and the habits we didn’t think of as bad before.

On a commercial level, we often see that companies that were not in good health in The World Before have been cleansed out. Not being able to pollute as much as we used to, we saw the amazing reflects it had on our world. It made us aware that we are detrimental to the state of the environment.

For economical reasons, we couldn’t stop the hyper speed train we were in. Corona forced us to make an emergency stop and it gave us the opportunity to reflect and detox. We focus on changes, trends to come, and in this case the opportunities that a detox can bring us. We have time to invent new ways to fight climate change, set up our society, or reorganize our business. The detox gave us time to change our system and come out the other end in a better light. This is a fast process and a catalyser for change. A rapid change to a new ‘system’ economy.

The message is keep your eyes open and your mind clear in order for your business to be part of The World After.


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