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Diana Clips

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Signal 07 / 2021-02-16

Sometimes a trend is rooted deeply in societal changes. Other times, simple fashion accessories can become a trend due to the popularity of something in society. Interest in Diana’s life, especially due to Netflix’ The Crown, sparked interest into signature earrings worn by Diana and Thatcher.

Diana Clips are a great styling item, or an addition to a fashion collection. Mismatched pairs will become fashionable as well.

Image Credits 01: dpa 02: Jean-Luc Petit / Getty images 03: Rex 04: AFP 05: Pinterest 06: Tim Graham / Getty Images

01: Photograph by Jayne Fincher, Stringer, Getty 02: Des Willie/Netflix

03 Photo: Jean GUICHARD/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images 04: Des Willie/Netflix

05: The Lady in Blu 06: The Lady in Blu.

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