Perfumes in The World After

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The focus of perfumes has shifted, from our environment to ourselves.

Really, this is all about going beyond perfumes, it’s about how people live, what they want to feel and experience, what the scent can give the person wearing it.

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The World before:

The perfumes we used to wear were only noticeable to the wearer for a short period of time; very quickly we are no longer able to smell our own perfume as we get used to the smell. We can conclude that we were wearing perfume for our environment; for the people around us.

The World After

What will the consequence of the 1.5 meter culture be, combined with the fact that we are going out less? If the people around us are too far away to smell our perfumes, then logically we, will become the main focal point and enjoyer of our perfumes.

In The World After People will not buy a perfume that they stop smelling after a short period of time. We have an opportunity to enhance perfumes. Create perfumes that really do something for the individual. You can add, for example, essential oils; oils that give you specific moods, making you active or relaxed, depending on what you want.

Creating perfumes for The World After

Based on existing perfumes

What about consumers that have a favourite fragrance? A classic Chanel, for example, or your own bestseller. A scent that has become a part of their identity. We can add essential oils to the scent notes we already have, creating an extra benefit for the customers.

New Perfumes

You can also make new perfumes, new products. Let’s call them product “1.5”, “Yourself” or “The World After”. Compose a “standard”, “base” product using a set of scent notes, and then create variations based on mood. For example, a “Relax” version, an “Active” version. You give the consumer options. One they can wear in the evening to relax, and when they want to get into work mode, they can put on their favourite upbeat music and spray the “Active” scent.

Really, this is all about going beyond perfumes, it’s about how people live, what they want to feel and experience, what the scent can give the person wearing it.

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