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Fashion in the countryside

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Report 028 / 2020-09-07

Historically, high fashion was reserved to city life. There are several complex behavioral reasons as to why, but one thing is clear: The city is the centre of culture, and by association, fashion. The countryside traditionally shows us a more practical approach to clothing. Dressing up for the cold outdoors, working outside, or simply having less means to purchase clothing, whether that be financial or a supply issue.

The corona virus has made city life much less appealing. Working online gives us less reason to live close to work, or to a train station. The social aspect of city life can be wiped out completely by lockdown and social restriction measures. A number of reasons to stimulate a move from urban to country. With the movement of urban people to the countryside, the fashion DNA and culture moves along with them.

As the ‘Fashion DNA’ moves to the countryside and gives us a new perspective on the traditionally practical clothing situated here. A result of this and another trend we forecasted (Report 027 - Living in the High Street) is that we can start to see fashion shops in the countryside. A store no longer has a reason to situate themselves in the city, and can start to reposition itself in line with its customers. Prada in the Sahara started as an art project, but can now be seen as a new reality. The trend can of course not apply to every single shop, however, high-end and flagships will make this move.

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