Future Report 037 - general, fashion, cosmetics, magazines

Published 2020 - 11 - 10


Female power even for Men!

Not only in society but also visually we can see gender identities merge together.

The new female Vice President Elect in the United States of America shows us that men are understanding female power and absorbing it to empower society. Many female qualities are merging into business and men are starting to accept and embrace female traits themselves. Female power is rising up for women, even for men, who will include themselves in female power, and express their female qualities as well.

This will go hand in hand with the already upcoming 3rd gender. Joe Biden, as the first president elect in history acknowledged transgenders in November 8 victory speech. Male and female are blurring and many people start to identify themselves as a gender somewhere in between. Not only in society but also visually we can see gender identities merge together.

Female empowerment will result in the feminisation of society and feminisation of men. With fashion as the mirror of society, we see feminisation in men’s fashion opposite to females dressed in traditional men’s clothing. Even cars like Mercedes Benz will become more feminine.

This movement started a while ago; this move shows us the power of it and accelerates this trend rapidly.

The video below addresses both trends and explains how they are connected.

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