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Forecasted Cool to be old

2010 Forecasted Cool to be old

2016 - Now

2010 Forecasted by The Lady in Blu: Cool to be old

The London Times 2012

"When trend-forecasting guru Antoinette van den Berg first began talking, two years ago, about 'the end of anti-aging', few in the beauty industry could gasp what she meant. Anti-aging is huge. It's big business. Along with the 'end of anti-aging' , she now predicts that it will soon be 'cool to be old'.That may seem a stretch, but given the way attitudes are beginning to shift and the increasing popularity of mature female models in youth-dominated areas such as fashion, it might just be starting to happen. Bring it on"

Vogue Korea 2020 - 08 - 09

Iris Apfel 2016 Gucci 2017 - 2019

Credits Concept The Lady in Blu 2010

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