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From nature to the Universe

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Signal 25 / 2021-06 -24

Spirituality will be key in the future, and the consequences of this will be visible in fashion and living. It changes things like how we choose models for a photo shoot, how we design our interiors, and even how we approach business and building our teams.

Accepting spirituality is essential to embracing the future trend, but spirituality often comes with unnecessary hesitation. When taking a walk, we can claim that our connection to nature gives us strength, and no one will bat an eye. Saying we feel a connection to the universe and get strength from it gets us labeled as crazy however.

Is the universe not part of nature? The connection with the universe is just as close to us as our connection to nature. Taking the step to spirituality is in fact so small that we already confide in it, we are just stopped by stereotypes.

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