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Furniture owned by houses

Report 036 / 2020-10-26

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When we move, the general idea is that we switch to a new house and take our furniture with us. In some cases we can rent furnitured houses. In some countries, such as Italy, they even take the kitchen along to their new home. In bars, we often see that the interior does not change when owners are switched. Different cultures keep different parts of their homes when they move.

Furniture is a part of the complete package of the house, not only in custom made furniture, but also in style and size. A house in the countryside will ask for different styles and feelings than a city home. The ‘magic’ of a home is a combination of interior and exterior, and should be considered as one entity to achieve the best experience possible. Creating the interior and exterior as one piece will ensure excellent synergy between the two.

Being in a very transformative world, moving often, living in smaller homes, sharing our houses such as AirBNB, and of course with corona impacting our situations, the furniture will start to belong to the house. The feeling of a home is defined by the space and the furniture that is inside of it. Taking the furniture away from its home will not only damage the emotion of the space but also requires extra energy and time. Not to mention the environmental strain it takes to consume brand new items if the old furniture doesn't match the new house.

Furniture owned by houses

As the detox of Corona opens our minds for new concepts and ways of thinking, we will start to see furniture being an integral part of a home, designed from the ground up. Many public spaces will be converted into housing, since offices are empty and residential is in high demand. These full projects will start to include interior design into their conversion process. The furniture, and even our houseplants, will be owned by the house.

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