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Future Trend Report 02 / 2021-01-12

Before we look outside to the world to see where things stand, we have to look at the base product that we make and the services we provide. In order to invest in new opportunities, we must know what the core is of what we do. Find the key part of your product that can’t be varied in order to see what variable factors are left. Use those variables to focus on rethinking our products and services.

Break open the base of your product, the exact essence of what your product is, and redefine the lines of what it can be. Explore every single variable element and think about what your product can be. For example, a company that sells eye-liners is in essence a producer of applicators. We can fill those with anything we want, not just cosmetics. We have to look at every angle to invest in new opportunities. Once we realise what our essence is, the base product, we can look at the future for inspiration and new investments.

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