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2020 - 10 - 29

A concrete example on how the corona crisis will change the DNA of a complete generation. The entire generation between 10 and 35 will have first hand experience with the importance of a money buffer when starting their companies. They have seen how the coronavirus wiped out the companies that did not have the means to support themselves when business died down.

A money buffer was generally not an integral part of every business, especially the young startups that grew into the market-leading companies of our new economy. A money buffer will become the new norm in the economy of The World After. The entire future generation and their companies, even the startups, will see the importance of a money buffer and integrate it into their business by default.

The DNA of the new generation has completely changed.

Understand The Future; Know what changes are coming to the world.

Discover the chances of The World After, employ the right strategy for the future.

Be ahead of the competition.

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Embracing opportunities you had not thought of before.

Innovate into the latest changes and opportunities.

Inspire your team, company, and organisation.

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Your company is the Game Changer, and the world needs change.

The World After needs industry leaders that take charge, dare to innovate, and have the guts to restructure.

Together with The Lady in Blu and her team we can see what The World After has to offer us.

Bring your organisation ahead of the pack by embracing the new vision of the future.

Don’t let the future catch up with you, but work with it to explore the new open world that’s ahead of us.

The motto of trendforecaster The Lady in Blu:

For every door that closed, new positive and creative opportunities have emerged.



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