Gloves Gloves G-LOVES

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The new fashion item of “The World After” is Gloves Gloves Gloves

From a functional item to a widely celebrated fashion accessory.

The title "Gloves, Gloves, G-LOVES" is dedicated to Thé Gloves designer of "The World After" @thomasinegloves

Now that we have gotten used to wearing (latex) gloves, they will make their re-entry into the world of fashion and become a widely celebrated accessory.

Now that we have gotten used to wearing (latex) gloves, they will make their re-entry into the world of fashion and become a widely celebrated fashion accessory.

Gloves, gloves, gloves, in different variations.

Latex gloves variations:

In all possible colors and patterns so they can match an outfit and become “fashion”. And there are possibilities for “add-on’s” like bows, glitters, appliques etcetera

Elegant Gloves / Fashion gloves

The next step is elegant gloves.

Elegant gloves variations

Long sleeves, short sleeves, touch screen compatible – anything is possible. And you can opt for a protective latex glove underneath it. As consumers get used to all forms of glove wearing, the options expand. Long gloves for evening wear, shorter gloves and iPhone touchables. The possibilities are endless.


For Magazines, Fashion labels and Glove Producers:

Use your creativity: whether you are a producer of latex gloves, or a fashion label designing gloves as an element in your collection to match the rest of the line, or a magazine that can do great editorials with gloves. This is a real positive opportunity of the world after and I would say, go for it! And, let’s admit it, it's adorable.

Gloves, Gloves, G-LOVES see @thomasinegloves Thé Gloves designer of "The World After"

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