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Humanity & Nature Interconnected

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Signal 08 / 2021-02-25

Signal of the Time: Humans interconnected with nature, with a strong sense of spirituality.

Our connection with nature is something indescribable. It runs through everyone’s veins, more and more as we gain a renewed appreciation for the world we live in due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Every individual is connected to mother nature in its entirety, which means the fate of our planet lies in our individual actions we take. Not just in the way we traditionally see nature, but in the universe as a whole and even in urban areas in which we mostly eradicated ‘nature’.

Photographer Maïmouna Guerresi converted to Sufi Islam, a mystical form of Islam that encourages believers to seek a powerful internal peace, by the age of 40. In her photos she portrays humans as higher being in control of the planet and their surroundings.

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Image Credits Maïmouna Guerresi

Image Credits @TheLadyinBlu by Team The Lady in Blu Spring 2020

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