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Perfumes of The World After - Guest Editor

2021 - 01 - 06

Perfumes of The World After

The social distancing mentality seems like a temporary measure, but it will be a permanent change. People have gotten used to social distancing, we realise diseases can spread easily when coming in close contact with strangers. The world has especially felt the consequences of a society where disease spreads quickly. The current generation will forever live with this feeling, the feeling of what dangers there are when we meet large numbers of strangers within close distances. Social distancing is now in the DNA of our generation.

This means we have to analyze how we use perfumes, and what role perfumes fill in our society. How do we continue with perfumes in the new world, within lockdown situations and thereafter.

People mostly wear perfumes to smell nice for others around us. Smelling good to others has become a regular and subconscious part of our society. Dressing up nicely involves putting on a fragrance as well. But they need an audience. An audience that is close enough to smell you.

This creates a big problem for perfumes during, and even after, the corona pandemic. We entered an era of social distance. There often is no audience, because social events are cancelled, and even if we have an audience they are too far away. The focus of a perfume has shifted from our environment to ourselves. The consumer itself becomes the main focal point of our perfume.