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Inclusive beauty ideals

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Signal 20 / 2021-05-20

Image credits: Unknown

Looking back at beauty ideals of the last few decades, we can see it’s rather young and ‘white’ oriented. The technology of plastic surgery enabled us to match those beauty ideals, from the perfect nose to the perfect breasts.

The norms of beauty have changed in the last 5 years into acceptance and adoration of a ‘perfect default’, being yourself. Beauty standards have moved to appreciation of older age, a bulky build, freckles, imperfect skin, or disabilities.

The view on beauty has changed once more, from white oriented standard to one that appreciated local culture. Travel restrictions during the pandemic means a new love for local culture, and therefore beauty.

After seeing the video that coincides with this signal, it’s almost embarrassing to see how narrow minded our beauty ideals were. Beauty was exclusive. The world is ready for inclusive beauty ideals.

Credits: @modern_warrior

Image credits: Unknown, Philip Miller

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