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Intermittent Fasting

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Signal 12 / 2021-03-25

From eating in excess to intermittent fasting.

The focus shifts from the moments we eat to the moments we are not eating.

The economic prosperity and new technologies in the food industry caused a big culture of excess eating towards the last half of the 20th century. In The World Before we slowly moved towards a more health oriented diet with reasonable portions and product awareness.

A new change that has its roots in The World Before is now accelerated by the corona virus pandemic as we focus more and more on our physical and mental well being. Instead of focusing our lives on eating healthy, organic, or vegan, we will now start to focus our lives on the moments where we are not eating at all.

Image credits: 01 Buffet style 02 Buffet style 03 English breakfast 04 English breakfast 05 French breakfast 06 French toast 07 Smoothie bowl 08 Smoothie 09 Water 10 marble, intermittent fasting

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