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Femalization & Investment List

Future Report 39 / 2021-09-27

Fashion, Accessories

INVESTMENT LIST: FEMALIZATION Fashion & Accessories for men

COMPANIES TO INVEST IN with expanding market opportunities

Skirts businesses Kilt businesses Handbag businesses Accessory businesses Lingerie businesses Swimwear businesses High heels businesses Diamond and Pearl businesses



Bras for Men (Big waists)



Two-piece swimwear for men

Bathing suits

Dressing gowns

More than just practical

Elegant Fabrics including silk, Lace, and the Kaftan


Matches with Skirts for Men

Ruffled Blouses

Elegant Fabrics including Silk and pastel colours and patterns


Necklaces, Rings, and Earrings (just one)

Pearls and Diamonds


Small shoulder bags


Women’s rights don’t go as far back as we often realize, with the right to vote for women only going back about a hundred years. After this, more women start going to college and in turn they occupy more and more positions in our society, from business to politics. The first step to acceptance back then was to adjust to the male society, short hair, manly clothing, and little showing of emotion.

During this time, men start taking over ‘female’ roles such as pushing the pram or cooking. As a generalization, men start appreciating a female, more sensitive approach to business. LGTBQ+ acceptance is everywhere and the third gender becomes a recognized state of being. On top of all this the corona pandemic happens, which gives our life more of an emotional charge empowered by a spiritual development; a more female vibe.

Altogether we see a femalization of society. The man becomes more female, in emotion but also visually. Unisex in the ‘80s meant: Women in men’s clothing. Now we see men in skirts, pearl necklaces, make-up, and ruffled shirts. History proves us that nothing is new, so even if it feels weird right now, it’s just because we have been used to a different society before this.

The Concept

The concept is simple: Take a traditional female outfit, and transpose it with a male’s head. This is what’s going to happen in your business. Dare to intrude on this new market and become the market leader. It is theoretically possible to double your product range by adding men as a possible market.


Lingerie for men: Bras and rompers. Men’s lingerie This flows into two-piece swimwear and bathing suits. We also see dressing gowns which are not solely meant for comfort, combined with lace. Suspenders come; skirts that show the legs. Ruffled shirts will expand for men. Elegant fabrics including silk in pastel colours and patterns. And Skirts for men.

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Necklaces, earrings, and rings.

They are finally here, and how! Pearls and diamonds, big earrings, often just one. Clips will come in the long term. Swarovski and Tiffany have their opportunities laid out. They are carefully entering the men’s market, just look at their instagram page. @Swarovski and @Tiffanyandco shot their latest campaign with Alton Mason. Pearl necklaces are everywhere from famous music artists to daily streetwear in Amsterdam. Big rings are nothing new for men and continue to develop. All these items will soon be found next to the cufflinks in classic shops, they will become standard items for men.


Another growing item in the men’s market is handbags, and not just for carrying your computer or sports equipment. Since men will start to use colour cosmetics they need a handbag to carry it for a day or night out. The development of skirts for men also directly pushes for handbags for men, as skirts often lack pockets. We see this in historical settings too, where kilts are worn with elaborate bags.

High Heels

Something to watch out for. Not big yet, but absolutely coming. Add bigger sizes to your high heel product range.


Colour & Care: See previous reports.

Become a market leader in this rather undeveloped market. Opportunities on all levels from business to aesthetic. It is theoretically possible to double your product range by adding men as a possible market.