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Kaftan: Investment List


Report 38 / 2021-09-21


For Investors:

Invest in companies specialized in Kaftans or non-western fabric/clothing.

For fashion labels:

Take the opportunity to enter a new market. Invest in Kaftans that match your brand identity.

- Kaftans for Men

- Kaftans for Women

- Kaftans Unisex / Genderless

- Summer Kaftans

- Home Kaftans

- Urban Kaftans

- Kaftans with Pockets

- Silk, Cotton, and Linen fabrics for Kaftans

The Kaftan is genderless, multicultural, relaxed, and comfortable.

- A non-western item that has the potential to become a staple in the western market.

- An item that will be influenced by western design, even in non-western markets.

In western cultures, the Kaftan will change from a comfortable home & holiday outfit, into an accepted urban outfit.

Once accepted, it will develop further into an elegant item (silk) that can be worn as day and evening wear.

The rise of the Kaftan is triggered by:

- Corona lockdowns that stimulated comfortable, loose-fit clothing.

- Black Lives Matter that inspired the use of items from a non-western culture.

- Non-western economies are rising steadily. These cultures are embracing western labels, and the western labels are embracing these cultures in return.

- The rise of Plus-Size / XXL

The development towards the Kaftan is nothing new.

We have previously made a Report about this subject on August 6, 2020: Report 023 Kaftan

Logo-Mania, East meets West

Logo-based Designs are a great option to open up new high-end markets.

We’ve seen logo-based design done so many times to western markets and western clothing that it almost becomes dull. Once logo-based designs push through new cultural boundaries, they start to become interesting again.

Not only does it open new markets in different cultures, it can be a strong addition to the western collections. It’s an opportunity to place a well-known logo from one context, into a different context.

Inspired by the summer monogram collaboration between Burberry and Casa Jondal Beach Club in Ibiza.

The Kaftan is comfy and free-spirited, the perfect clothing for a corona or post-corona consumer. With many variations for both men and women the Kaftan fits perfectly to our new lifestyles.