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Life is like Playing cards


Signal 14 / 2021-04-08

In life we are dealt a certain hand of cards when we are born, as a person or as a company. Who your parents are, how do you look, or where are you born? These are the facts that we get dealt at the beginning.

During the game we can deal new cards to ourselves, we meet new people, go to school, or travel. All of this will add to the cards we were dealt initially and give us more direction in what type of strategy we want to use.

We can lose cards too, however. Having an accident, losing someone close to us, or even a pandemic.

Whatever cards you’re holding at a given point, you can always play a good game. Realise that you can ‘win the game’ even when you have a limited set of cards. It is exceptionally important to always look at the hand you are dealt and make your decisions accordingly. Through your vision and ingenuity you can maximize your strategy and play to the max.

Sometimes you wish you had better cards, but this wishing acquires nothing. Same goes for jealousy. Looking at the hand that someone else is dealt has no impact on how you have to play the game. Even in hard times we have to stay true to ourselves and focus on the right plays to make.

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